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Aoibheann O'Donoghue

Aoibheann O'Donoghue

Dental Hygienist

I graduated as a dental hygienist from Trinity College in 2104. Prior to this, I attained a specialist certificate in Oral Health Promotion from NUI Galway since graduating as a dental nurse in 2008. I worked as a dental nurse for 4 years, the latter 2 years here in Pembroke Dental. I was delighted then to be invited back onto the dedicated team here in Pembroke in my new role as dental hygienist.
During my intense training in the Dublin Dental Hospital, I successfully treated patients with varying degree of oral health issues, arising from inadequate cleaning, long-term medication, oral abnormalities, cancer of the head and neck, dietary intake, lifestyle and ability. I developed a great rapport with my patients and even the most nervous of all gradually succumbed to my gentle, caring and emphatic approach. I got great satisfaction in seeing the vast difference I made over time with the same patients.
You too can make a difference. While prevention is best, it can be immensely beneficial to tackle your oral health issues sooner rather than later. A good oral hygiene routine is beneficial in so many ways. It helps keep your teeth and gums healthy, reduces the need for fillings and extractions, gives your mouth that fresh & healthy feeling and puts confidence in your smile, as well as contributing to your overall health.
Whatever your needs I will tailor an effective plan to suit. All I ask is your commitment and together we can achieve a workable routine in maintaining your oral health at its optimum. You may have heard this saying before, ‘only clean the teeth you want to keep’.


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