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halloween treats

9 Oct 2018

Halloween treats that won’t hurt your teeth

As the old stories go, October is the time of year when ghosts and goblins come out to play. Whether it’s the turning colours of the leaves, carving faces out of pumpkins, trick or treating or even having a spooky party, Halloween is a calendar favourite.
With all of the fruits and vegetables that come into season during the autumn, there are lots of delicious and spooky, healthy Halloween snack ideas that you can make as an alternative to sweets.

Quick and fun healthy recipes

Many of our team are parents themselves and have their own ‘little monsters’ that’ll be wanting to get out to trick and treat on the 31st October. As parents, we understand that Halloween is all about fun for kids (and adults!) We also understand that the last thing you want to do after a long day of work is to start cooking when packets of sweet treats are so easy to grab- but you’d be surprised how quick and easy some of these healthier recipes are! Take a look at this page for some inspiration. Using eggs, pizza, olives, carrots, smoothies and much more, a whole host of healthier treats can be conjured up!

Sugar and teeth

As dentists, we are only too aware of the effects of sugar on teeth. What many people don’t know is that it is the frequency of contact of sugar substances making contact with teeth that can do the most damage. When sugar mixes with saliva it creates a type of bacteria that can lead to tooth decay. 600ml of Coca-Cola for example, contains 10.6g of sugar, which is the equivalent of two and a half teaspoons. Haribo’s Tangfastic sweets contain 59.9g of sugar per 100 grams! That’s a lot of sugar…

Why not try some of these healthy treat alternatives for Halloween? Perhaps you could serve the kids a healthy meal before going out trick or treating so as to put them off gorging on too many sweets? If you and the family do end up delving into mountains of sweets and chocolate, remember to brush and clean those teeth as well as you can before bedtime.

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