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30 Sep 2018

Five minutes with Podiatrist, Stephen Stewart

How did you get into podiatry?

I’d always been interested in medicine and health science so when it was time to apply for college, podiatry was a top choice. There is only one place that you can study podiatry and that is in Galway. It is a four-year degree programme and I enjoyed all aspects of it. After I graduated, I started working almost straight away at a clinic in Dublin city centre. I also established a small practice in the village I grew up I which is just outside of Carlow.

I was travelling up and down to Dublin and wanted to look for work a little closer to home. That is when I came across Carlow Foot Care and applied. I have been working at The Granby Clinic since April 2018 alongside my fellow podiatrist, Jenny O’Neil. 

What is the difference between a chiropodist and a Podiatrist?

This is a really common question and there are a couple of differences although both practises are important in the care and maintenance of healthy feet.

The first difference between the two is that you must obtain a degree to practice podiatry. Training in chiropody entitles you to provide foot care such as nail cutting, callous and corn removal and such like. Podiatry covers those treatments but is also the study of the whole lower limb. Podiatrists are also qualified to work in a hospital and have the expertise to work with diabetic and pregnant patients.

What sort of issues do you treat?

At Carlow Foot Care we offer treatment for Corns, Callouses, diabetic related foot conditions, wound care, Biomechanics, treatment for pregnant ladies, in growing toe nails, hard skin and leg, knee and foot pain.
There is a full list of the treatments available here.

Do you offer treatment for older feet?

As we grow older, our range of mobility and motion reduces. Older people can’t always reach down to their feet in the same way that they could before and sometimes need a little help. The most common ailment for older people that we see is corns and callouses which can be easily treated here at the clinic. The great thing about working from The Granby Clinic in Carlow is that it is wheel chair accessible.

How do you care for children’s feet?

We offer Paediatric clinics at Carlow Foot Care. Commonly, we treat young people with bone growth issues as well as those who may be active in sports or Irish dancing and have inflammation, verrucas or athletes foot.

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