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Woman being treated by physiotherapist for back pain

7 Aug 2018

A pain in the (lower) back

A guest post by Niamh Brady of Body Kinetic
Physical therapy Clinic at The Granby Clinic, Carlow

One of the interesting things about being a physical therapist is that no two clients are the same. Two people could come in with pain in the same area but with two very different diagnoses. I can often prescribe a differing plan of treatment for two clients with the same pain. As well as treating sports injuries, I also help clients with more day-to-day issues such as RSI (repetitive strain injury) and back pain. Lower back pain is an interesting one as it is very common and can have a variety of reasons behind it. From muscle spasm to a locked joint, the lower back is complicated and there are many ways to put strain onto it.

Recently, I had three clients come to see me in a row. All had lower back pain on the left side but after their initial consultation, I could see that each person had a different problem and required a different course of treatment. The first had a muscle spasm, the second a joint issue and the third a disc pain referral.
Treatment for lower back pain can range from soft tissue mobilisation, joint mobilisation, exercise therapy or a combination of all techniques.

What causes lower back pain and how do you treat it?

Whether it is an injury lifting something heavy, a pulled muscle at the gym or strain from sitting in an awkward position at work, nowadays most physios (contrary to older ideas) would say that when it comes to lower back pain, movement and exercise are better than rest. This little YouTube video from well known Physio Therapy organisation, La Fisioterapia, explains the process well. 

Treatments at Body Kinetic

The way in which I work is geared totally around the needs of the individual and in order to provide a bespoke service, we begin with an initial consultation and examination. After the consultation, a one on one course of treatment is planned followed by a programme of gentle stretching and exercise in accordance with the injury. At Body Kinetic, I offer a range of treatments that cover a broad scale of injuries. These include:

•    Biomechanical Assessment
•    Joint Mobilisation
•    Joint Manipulation
•     Electro Therapy
•    Ultrasound Therapy
•    Interferential Therapy
•    TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)
•    Myofacial Trigger Point Therapy
•    Muscle Energy Therapy
•    Advanced Soft Tissue Manipulation
•    Strapping and Taping
•    Stretching and Exercise Programmes
•    Dry needling

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