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7 Jun 2018

What does GDPR mean to me?

According to this recent (and quite wordy!) article in The Economist, personal data is officially more valuable than oil. Every day we give our names and contact details away freely in order to sign up to things and buy goods online. But what happens to our data once a company has it? How is it stored? Is it shared? These are all important questions. Have you ever had a cold call from a strange company trying to sell you accident insurance or a flood of emails from a wine company you had never bought from? It is more than likely that at some stage, many moons before, your personal data was shared with this ‘third party’ company and they in term, used it to contact you directly.

Protecting your data

At the end of last month, the topic on everyone’s lips was the new reinforced data protection regulation, which came into action in the EU on May 25th. The name is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)  and its purpose is to protect people from un-wanted marketing (like that strange car insurance call) and also re-enforce our right to know how and where our personal data is stored. It also reinforces the right to be forgotten, if we should want to be. Data protection laws have been around for a while but the purpose of this new regulation is to enforce and protect the public further. You may have noticed a few emails popping into your inbox from companies you have previously bought from (or even long forgotten about!) or your favourite social media channel alerting you to a new privacy policy. These actions will all be in line with the new GDPR regulation.

What about my details at Pembroke Dental?

As healthcare providers, it is part of our practice to process and store information about our patients and all dentists must adhere to our own strict set of laws around confidentiality. However, GDPR affects us too and we have taken care to make sure that we are on top of it. 
Here at Pembroke Dental, we like to keep in touch with our patients from time to time in order to let them know about treatment recalls, news from our team or Cool Clean Club, new treatments or even award wins. We want to make sure that our patients are still happy to hear from us and for this reason have sent an official ‘opt in’ email to out to all. We have also contacted patients about the data that we have on file for them to make sure that they are still happy for details to be stored. Appointment reminders are not affected by GDPR so rest assured that these will still be making their way to you as usual.

If you are a patient at Pembroke Dental and would like to know more about how your details are stored or want to ‘opt in’ to our periodical emails, please email us

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