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7 Jun 2018

Why should I go for a hygiene appointment?

You already have your dental health checks every year so why should you need to go for a hygiene appointment? A hygiene appointment is conducted by a dentist or specially trained member of our team called a hygienist. Their knowledge enables them to examine at the health of your gums, teeth and mouth, provide a professional clean and help you with your own home, dental health routine. Hygiene appointments are much more than just a professional clean (although they are very good at it!) Alongside our dentists, our hygiene team can support you in maintaining a super duper dental health routine and help keep any further complicated or costly treatments at bay.
What happens during a hygiene appointment?
After a friendly welcome, your hygienist may begin by asking you a few questions. What kind of toothbrush do you use? Do you use inter dental brushes for between your teeth? They will then provide a dental mouth examination before deciding the level of deep clean that you need. A hygienist also looks at the health of your gums and measures the space between your gums and teeth to make sure that your gums are healthy or to take the first steps in treating any issues. Although their skills extend further than providing a professional clean, ‘plaque control’ is what they are famous for. We believe that a clean by one of our hygienist is like no other! As well as priding ourselves on our gentle and friendly team, our hygienists use professional dental ingredients and tools, giving your mouth what feels like a healthy 'mouth manicure'. They will clean away any hardened plaque and really get in between teeth and close to the gum line.
A mouth manicure?
A beautiful, healthy smile is what we all strive for and keeping regular hygiene appointments are a great way to help you keep on top of your dental health and even keep bad breath at bay. Bad breath is often caused by bacteria in the mouth (yuk!) which can we caused by a build up of plaque or old food debris caught in the tiny gaps between teeth. If you think that teeth have five sides (front, back, top and sides between), then you can envision how difficult it can be to reach all of these with just tooth brushing alone. Our hygienists can give all sides of your teeth a good clean and help you boost your own cleaning routine.

Extra note: Hygiene appointment are especially important if you are having orthodontic treatment. With all of those extras nooks and crannies around wires and brackets, there are extra places for old food to hide and tartar to build up!

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