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2 May 2018

Planning a summer holiday this year? Don’t forget your teeth

The summer holiday season is fast approaching. Whether you are jetting off to an exotic location in the sun, driving to a countryside campsite, heading to a festival for some music and dancing or planning a city break, holidays take a lot of planning. Among those plans, it is important not to forget about your dental health! Whilst wining, dining, sunning yourself or partying, remembering to keep your teeth and gums healthy and clean is essential. Here are a few easy tips:

1. Drink water
First off, make sure that you stay hydrated. Drinking water is important when it is hot anyway but as a drink of choice over sweetened, fizzy drinks, it is much more beneficial to your teeth. Studies show that soft drinks and other sugary beverages contribute to the effect of dental erosion and decay. The fewer sweetened drinks and the less alcohol you consume, the better it is for your teeth. Drinking water after eating also removes damaging acids from your mouth. We recommend regular sips of water throughout the day. and evening!

2. Don’t forget your toothbrush
Don’t forget your toothbrush and toothpaste when you’re packing! Nothing can replace the benefits of a good brush for two minutes, twice a day. If you are wearing braces, you may want to clean your teeth more often and pack extra items such as Tepe (inter dental brushes) brushes, mouthwash and wax. Be sure to keep your toothbrush super clean by picking up a little reusable toothbrush cover. If push comes to shove, you could even use a plastic bag to keep things tidy.

3. Sugar free gum
When you’re spending most of your time exploring, eating, partying and sunning yourself, brushing your teeth twice a day isn’t going to be at the top of your list of things to do. Something that can help between brushes, is keeping a few packets of sugar free chewing gum handy and chewing on a piece after eating or drinking. While this is no replacement for brushing your teeth, the gum will encourage your mouth to produce more saliva which can help combat the build up of bacteria. It will at least tied you over until you can get back to your toothbrush.

4. Lipstick
This one is less about health and more about the look of things! Ladies, if you want your teeth to look whiter and brighter during your stay in the sun, bring a bright colour of lipstick to slick on before you head out to the beach. Red or pink will detract from any stains on your teeth and appear to brighten your smile.

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