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17 Apr 2018

Understanding costs

Every individual deserves to feel good about their smile and there are many different ways in which a dentist or specialist can help you improve the health and look of your teeth. More complex treatments such as orthodontics (tooth straightening) and restorative option such as dental implants can be costly but with our interest free plan as well as our associations with health care insurance, we believe that achieving a healthy, beautiful smile is possible.

Just a dream?

We know that there are times in life when you just can’t justify forking out on expensive things, especially when they are for cosmetic reasons and you have one hundred and one other things to think about financially. We see patients who come in for regular dental check ups and are fantastic at keeping themselves dentally healthy but often share their dreams of having straighter teeth or wish that they could have missing teeth replaced. Thinking about the look of our teeth is also common when a big event is in the horizon such as a wedding. We want our patients to be proud of their teeth and try to make cosmetic, orthodontic and restorative treatments as accessible as we can. We have a few options that may come in handy when trying to spread out a large payment.

Understanding costs

For routine dental health checks and some general and family dentistry, we do accept patients with medical cards and those under the PRSI scheme. We are also one of the few dental practices who have a direct arrangement with VHI, meaning that if you are part of the scheme, you will only pay the excess on your policy.*

For more costly treatments such as orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry we have an interest free plan. For example, if you wanted to spread the costs of braces for the kids or for yourself, our plan gives you a way in which you can pay over the duration of treatment. With this option, we ask for an upfront deposit and the rest of the payments are then collected by direct debit each month, until the treatment is complete. Each of our payment plans are tailored to suit the individual having treatment (or person responsible for payment!)

What if I need a series of procedures?

In order to make sure more complex treatments that may require seeing a number of our specialists (such as a smile makeover) are as streamline as possible, we have two specially trained treatment co coordinators. Emma Furey and Karen Hayden are part of our patient support team and will help you through your treatments by answering any questions you have regarding your teeth and also the financial side. They are the people who work with you to agree on terms of payment and to help make sure that you are happy with your experience here.

However you choose to pay, one of the great things about our large team is that all of your treatment needs are available here at Pembroke Dental, so there is no need to travel. We aim to be as flexible as we can in order to help you achieve a smile that you can be proud of.

* Please note that medical cardholders and those under the PRSI scheme or VHI are advised to call our team to make arrangements for your visit and discuss your options. You can find out about the full range of financial options and associated support systems that we have in place for our patients on our costs page.

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