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30 Mar 2018

What is a smile makeover?

When you think of a makeover, it could conjure up an image of a session with a makeup artist, a deluxe DIY home improvement from a television show or perhaps a new hairstyle to make you feel ready for the new season? There is another type of makeover and this one is to do with your teeth, gums and mouth.

You may have heard of the term, Smile Makeover before but what does it mean?
A smile makeover is a process in which a patient’s smile and in tern; often facial appearance is improved by a combination of cosmetic dental treatments.
Cosmetic dentistry can range from simple treatments such as tooth whitening which can come in the form of home trays provided by a dentist through to teeth reshaping with composite bonding, dental veneers and more long term solutions such as dental implants for the replacement of missing teeth.

In dentistry, as well as your general dentist, there are also dentists with extra special training in a certain areas. We call these specialists. Here at Pembroke Dental, we have a number of visiting specialists providing treatment such as orthodontics through to complicated restorative treatments such as dental implants. Once such specialist here is Dr Darrelle Power. She is a prosthodontist with a long list of qualifications and even a history in lecturing at New York University about her specialism. A prosthodontist specialises in the replacement and restoration of missing, broken or damaged teeth as well as being able to reshape individual teeth, building on broken teeth and provide a combination of treatments such as would be required for a smile makeover.

When thinking about any cosmetic dental procedure, Dr Power, would not only consider the individual teeth that needed work, she would also have to take the facial structure, appearance, gum tissue and even skin and hair tone colours into consideration. Alignment of teeth and general facial harmony are also components that would be looked at during an examination and throughout treatment.

Every patient’s needs are different. One patient may only require a few treatments for their new smile, whilst others may need more. A comprehensive smile makeover may even involve a number of specialists as well as the patient’s general dentist. For this reason, communication between all parties is essential to make sure that the patient gets a final result that they can be proud of.

For the convenience of our patients and thanks to our

visiting specialists and treatment co coordinators, we are able to provide all of these treatments under one roof - so there is no need to travel. The great thing about this is that the dentist our patients have come to know will be able to be present throughout the treatment journey.

Find out more about our range of cosmetic treatments.

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