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22 Feb 2018

Getting them off to the right start

Early intervention, preventative care and children’s teeth

The term ‘early intervention’ may sound a little foreboding but it really shouldn’t do! When we talk about early intervention, we use it to describe a fun and friendly way of working with children at an early age to help them learn about their teeth and gums and how to maintain a healthy mouth for life.

Sadly, sometimes a child may visit the dentist for the first time with a problem such as tooth decay and it can create a real negative stamp on their first dental memory. A difficult dental experience as a child can sometimes lead to anxiety about going to the dentist as an adult and we want to help patients avoid this. Why? Well, teeth are the strongest bones in our bodies. They help us to chew food, speak and even form our facial structure. We like to take a preventive approach to dentistry in order to try to protect natural teeth, where we can rather than just focus on treating problems later on.

So what do we do?

We have a special children’s dental health check as well as our award winning Cool Clean Club but what about younger children? We aim to make their visits fun and enjoyable and our friendly dentists and nurses really help. Some of our team, such as Dr Davina Graham have a special interest in children’s dentistry. Of treating children, Davina says “Bringing young children in with their older siblings is advised so they get used the environment… We aim to make a child’s first dental visit fun and enjoyable, which sets them up for continued positive experiences at the dentist in the future. “

Early education is also important in order to get children off to a good start. It is a common misconception that baby teeth don’t matter because they eventually fall out, but they are the tiny markers that save the space for permanent adult teeth and certainly do matter. Taking care of baby teeth and gums helps give you child’s mouth a head start. In the UK and Ireland, campaigns such as Dental Check by 1 have helped draw awareness to the importance of bringing your child along to the dentist early on. One of the benefits of this is that they can get used to us and we are able to take a little look in their mouths and find out about any health conditions or medication that may affect things in the future.

Whatever way you choose to introduce your child to the dentist, our friendly team will be here to support you.

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