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8 Feb 2018

Fastbraces in Leinster

A fast track to straighter teeth?

Everybody and every mouth is different so we believe that offering a range of tooth straightening options is best. When it comes to braces, different systems are suited to different patients and their needs.

When a big event gets booked into the diary, it’s only natural to take a long look in the mirror and think about all the ways in which we want to shine on the big day. Some may have never wanted tooth straighening treatment in the past but suddenly a wedding is announced and thoughts turn to family photographs that will be shared and displayed for years to come. This is when the benefits of Fastbraces® can make it the tooth straightening option of choice. Although treatment can take up to a year, some patients can see the results they desire in just three months.*

Fastbraces® is a tooth straightening system for adults which originated in the United States. Dentists and orthodontists have been using it for almost 20 years and it’s main benefit is the way in which, when the circumstances are suitable, the teeth can be moved quite quickly.

As well as having a specialist orthodontist providing traditional and invisible brace options here, our longstanding dentist, Dr Lisa Doyle is a certified Fastbraces provider and over the last few years, has built a long list of patients who have been successfully treated by her with Fastbraces®.

When it comes to having braces, it is as much about who does your treatment as which system you choose. Lisa is one of our most popular dentists namly because of her gentle and friendly way with people. She has an impressive list of qualifications behind her and an interest in many areas of dentistry. Over the years, her drive to learn more skills has led her to learn more about orthodontics and this is the field that she holds a special interest.

The technology behind Fastbraces® is what makes the short term treatment possible. The use of patented triangual brackets are designed to move the teeth and roots at the same time, enabling treatment to take effect more quickly for suitable patients. You can watch this video to find out more about how they work. Lisa’s skill and knowledge means that she will always asks patients to come in for a free consultation where she will examine their teeth and mouth and decide whether they are suitable for treatment. In more complex cases, she will refer a patient to our orthodontist but for those who are suitable, Fastbraces® can mean a shorter, more affordable road to straighter teeth.

Find out more about Dr Lisa Doyle when we interviewed her.

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