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24 Jan 2018

Braces aren’t just for kids

It’s a fact. Having orthodontic treatment as an adult is becoming more popular. Whether it’s with the advent of ‘invisible’, discreet options such as clear aligners and ceramic coloured braces or more celebrities stepping out with straight, white smiles- the amount of men and women coming in to see us for braces has increased.

At Pembroke, we have a specialist orthodontist, Dr Akram Jasim treating both adults and children. He often hears from mums and dads who, after bringing their children in for tooth straightening treatment, come back to enquire about braces for themselves.

In the past, tooth-straightening choices were limited to fixed metal braces across the front of teeth, which are very effective and still very much a system of choice. However, orthodontic technology has moved forward, especially where appearance and size of brackets are concerned and there are now ‘invisible’ options. Some of these braces have been available to the rich and famous for years and are now accessible to the rest of us. This news comes as a relief to adults who speak publicly as part of their job, work in front of cameras or just remember wearing early, bulky versions of metal braces as a teen and would rather not revisit that scenario!

Our specialist orthodontist offers fixed, ceramic (tooth coloured fixed braces) and Invisalign adult and teen clear aligners. We use the latest technology and modern techniques with our fixed braces which come in metal and ceramic colour and our Invisalign clear aligners which carry a benefit of being removable for eating and drinking. We are also lucky and delighted that our lovely, longstanding dentist, Dr Lisa Doyle has a special interest in tooth straightening and can offer Fast braces for more minor tooth alignment issues.

Orthodontics is a special branch of dentistry because it isn’t just about straightening teeth. Braces can be used to improve facial symmetry and a patient’s bite.
The British Orthodontic Society produced a guide to adult braces and within it explained “orthodontics can make a difference to your appearance, your bite and overall oral health. It is a speciality which blends art and science.”

Our teeth move all throughout our life and so it is also important to retain the ‘good work’ by regularly wearing a removable or fixed retainer after braces come off. It is commons to see adults who may have had braces as a child but lost their retainer and found that their teeth had gone back towards their old position. There is a cute and short animation available online explaining why retainers are so important.

The great thing about braces is that if a patient and orthodontist or dentist work together, the results can be life changing. It is truly wonderful to see someone at the end of treatment, showing off their new smile.

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