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15 Jan 2018

Getting greener with your dental health

No longer is being a green or ethically conscious consumer a thing for the alternative crowd. Never before has it been so popular to think about the products we use, the environment and what goes into them. In a recent article by Dentistry Today, it was said that the global market has seen an increasing demand for natural and organic products. The author explained that a heightened awareness to synthetic ingredients and in equal measure, healthy lifestyle choices are reasons for this.

Within dentistry, the importance placed on safety and cross infection control makes it more difficult to create green and sustainable tools and products but this doesn’t mean to say that things aren’t changing and as a patient, it is certainly getting easier to make more conscious consumer choices.

To begin with, there are the ever growing list of 'eco' tooth brushes such as 'The Humble Toothbrush', created by Swedish organisation, ‘The Humble Smile Foundation’ The brushes are made of bamboo which is a sustainable, organic material and for every brush bought, money is sent to the foundation which works to help end suffering from oral health problems across the globe. They are currently sold at Holland and Barrett and online.

Here at Pembroke we love our animals and with cosmetics and animals testing in mind, we recently found a site called Cruelty free Kitty with a long list of cruelty free (and sometimes vegan) cosmetic brands, both in the luxury and high street markets. You’d be surprised by some of the big names that now have products proclaiming admirable, ethical standards!

When it comes to dental health products, it’s difficult to find options that are ethically produced but also contain fluoride. As a dental team, we are well aware of the proven benefits of fluoride on tooth enamel. The Irish Dental Health Foundation says: “Water Fluoridation and the appropriate use of fluorides play a major part in public health policy in Ireland in the prevention and management of tooth decay.” In our professional opinion, fluoride is essential so we were pleased to see Tom of Maine’s ‘Simply White’ Natural toothpaste on the list as this both contains fluoride and has the ADA’s approval. There is also a brand called Kingfisher which offers toothpaste containing fluoride and natural, non synthetic ingredients.

A recent study suggested that Generation Y ie those born between roughly 1980-1995, are the most ethical generation to date and Generation Z (teenagers now) could top them!

The ability to do our own research into what we consume is so much easier and with this in mind we predict that there will be more ethical dental products in the shops soon.

If you are someone who is interested in ethical, natural dental products, we recommend that you do your research, shop around and don’t forget to keep your teeth healthy- we would always advise that you choose a toothpaste that contains fluoride.

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