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28 Jul 2017

Nine weeks left for our Invisalign girl Natasha

One of our patients, the lovely Natasha, has become an internet sensation by attracting nearly 100,000 views of videos showing her Invisalign experience.

Natasha began posting the videos back in July 2016 when her treatment with Dr Akram Jasim started. You can view them at Waterford Braces on Facebook - here are some of the highlights so far:

  • July 25: 'That doesn't taste the best' - Natasha grimaces as she spits out the gipsom of Paris plaster that's used to make dental impressions (by the way, our new iTero digital scanner means we don't do impressions any more).
  • August 10: Natasha watches a video simulation of how her teeth are going to move.
  • August 24: She puts an aligner in for the first time. 'They're a little bit tight, a little bit weird alright because you're tongue is playing with them. But I was expecting worse...'
  • September 13: 'A lot of people have been asking why haven't I got the aligners in? I actually have.'
  • October 26: 'I got these little attachments, little bumps, put onto my teeth that have corresponding attachments on the braces. You can really, really feel them, they're really, really tight.'
  • November 13: 'I just changed to my sixth set of aligners and on the first day two of my teeth were a little bit sore, and they were tender for a day or two, but after that it was fine.'
  • December 21: 'You can see a big difference already and people have commented on it. At the bottom a front tooth was really pushed out and now it's three quarters of the way back in.'
  • February 6: 'I had to get some filing done which wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. It was on the front lower teeth to make room for them all to sit back.'
  • April 27: 'I can see such a difference. The other day I was looking back and comparing my first set of aligners with number 17 and the difference is just amazing.'

Natasha has had two appointments and some more filing since then. We caught up with her and asked about the filing: 'It sounds a whole lot worse than it is. It's only a thin piece of sandpaper, you don't feel it. It's nearly the same as putting floss in between your teeth. It takes two or three minutes.'

How are her teeth looking? 'There's not much change since the last video, although I haven't as much of an overbite. Now there's a little gap but before the front teeth were well out over the bottom set. There's a little bit more movement to go on the bottom teeth.'

What will life be like without aligners? 'I don't know how I'm going to feel at the end. I think I'll miss them a little bit. You get so used to them. I'll take them out when I'm eating, and an hour alter I'll realise I've forgotten to put them back in and I'll be racing over to put them back in. It's not really a pain, you just automatically do it.'

Have any of her friends decided to go with Invisalign? 'Two of my friends went for consultations but both were unsuitable for Invisalign. One had problems with her jaws and the other had receding gums and was advised that wire braces were more suitable, although she hasn't taken them up.'

Natasha is now on her 21st aligner and she has nine weeks left. We hope she'll keep posting!

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