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7 Jul 2017

Meet Karen. You can ask her anything

We’re always trying to improve and we’re delighted to announce that we have hired a second treatment co-ordinator to make your experience at Pembroke Dental even better.

Karen Hayden joins us with a brief to talk to you and understand your preferences and budget in order to recommend the best option for you. She’ll answer any questions you may have about the treatments available here, or about any aspect of your dental health or facial appearance that’s bothering you.

We think it’s worth investing some time in our patients before they make a decision because that way they are more likely to have their needs successfully met. Sometimes it’s not the right time for treatment, and other times it may be that a different treatment to the one you had in mind is more suitable.

What we often find, especially with more expensive treatments like dental implants, is that people want to gather information, meet the team and come to a decision gradually. It’s a decision that will affect them physically, financially and emotionally, so why not?

Making a snap decision on something important is never a great idea, and we see it as part of our job to make sure you are completely comfortable with your choice before treatment begins. The last thing you want, on top of any other anxieties you might have about visiting the dentist, are lingering doubts about whether the treatment you’re getting is the right choice for you.

We won Best Treatment of Nervous Patients in the 2016 Irish Dentistry Awards because we take our patients’ doubts and anxieties extremely seriously. Uncertainty breeds anxiety, so we do our best to get rid of it.

That’s exactly why Karen has joined us - her job is to explain what you can expect from each treatment so there are no surprises. Talking to Karen doesn’t mean you’re under obligation to agree to a particular treatment, she simply wants to help you understand the different ways we can address the issues you have brought in. If you decide it’s not the right time for you to go ahead, that’s absolutely fine.

Karen offers free first consultations for patients interested in dental implants, facial aesthetics, all orthodontic treatments including Invisalign, all cosmetic dentistry including teeth whitening and white fillings, and sedation options for nervous patients including intravenous sedation and nitrous oxide sedation.

She’ll talk to you in a non-clinical consultation room and it’ll be an informal, relaxed chat. We want you to relax so you can be yourself, get all the information you need, and come to a decision in your own time. Karen will talk you through the procedure you’re interested in and answer anything that’s on your mind, whether it’s about costs, the risk of pain, or the clinician who will be performing the procedure. Your free first consultation is the time to ask her anything. Nothing is off limits.

Ask for a free first consultation with Karen if you’re interested in:

Karen joins our existing treatment co-ordinator Emma Furey.

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